Q: How much does a booth space cost?

A: The cost of one booth space is between $21-$104 depending on the venue and booth size. Booth sizes range from 6 foot table spaces to 10 x 10. Approved vendors may share a space for $94-$125. Please contact us at rivercitymarketplace@gmail.com if you would like a 10x20 double space!

Q: What types of artists, makers, and small businesses is RCMP looking for?

 A: We are looking for a wide variety of original art and we always encourage new vendors to apply. Boutique style, brick and mortar businesses that are genuinely small, local, and contribute to the Sacramento community are also highly encouraged to apply.

Q: What criteria are used to determine application approval?

A: RCMP is dedicated to showcasing high quality arts, crafts, and design. Here are the qualifications and criteria we take into consideration for every applicant:

  • Does the applicant create a high quality item? Are the products presented professionally?

  • Is the applicant's item unique or unusual?

  • Is the applicant experienced in his/her trade?

  • Will the applicant have a successful event experience with direct sales and exposure, based on our attendee demographics?

To ensure your acceptance, please take into account these tips:

  • Provide pictures and a website that have a professional appearance; presentation of your work can go a long way.

  • Include pictures of your booth; although this is not required, we love to see unique booths that will engage attendees (demos and DIY stations are also a plus).

  • Popular categories are more competitive.

  • If you did not get in the first time you applied, make some adjustments and try again! We are happy to work with you and give you specific feedback if you ask.

Q: Who should apply?

A: YOU! Are you a builder, artist, craftsperson, designer, or just generally someone with really neat, original ideas? Are you a local business with a community focus, looking to expand your brand? We want to be your preferred vending partner. From first-timers to grizzled vets, all are welcome to apply. In order to maintain a true community-sourced marketplace, local vendors are preferred.

Q: Who should not apply?

A: We will not accept any applications submitted by direct sales consultants, corporate contractors, wholesale consultants, or mass-produced manufactured items. Generally, if you bought the item you are attempting to sell (vintage/antique excluded), this is not the event for you.

Q: What if there are too many makers in my category?

A: Here at RCMP, we make every effort to limit the number of vendors in similar categories in order to provide a lucrative experience for vendors and an eclectic mix of options for community customers. The system is designed to where if you have a great product, we will accept your application. We will accept more vendors than there is room for.  It is up to you to purchase your booth space in a timely manner in order to secure your spot.

Q: What do I need to provide at the event?

A: We will provide the space; you build your shop. We want you to make the space your own -- The more original your "storefront," the better. Pop-up tents are preferred, but not required nor provided. There will be no generators or access to outlets, so any electronic/automated display pieces will need to be battery-powered.

Q: How often does River City Marketplace occur?

A: The 2019 event series will be held on 8 dates at various locations:

  • March 9 at Drakes: The Barn from 11-4

  • May 4 at Fremont Park from 11-4

  • June 2 at Drakes: The Barn from 11-4

  • July 13 at The Urban Hive 5-9

  • September 15 at Drakes: The Barn from 11-4

  • October 19 at Fremont Park from 11-4

  • November 23 at The Urban Hive from 5-9

  • December 14 at Drakes:The Barn

  • Every Saturday at Uptown Market (1409 Del Paso Blvd) 12-5

Q: How does RCMP market and advertise their events?

A: Ads will appear in the free weekly Sacramento News & Review ("SNR") newspaper as well as through terrestrial radio on California Public Radio KXJZ 90.9 (Sacramento NPR affiliate). Four large banners (venue permitting) will be hung with a clear street view four weeks prior to the event. Posters and flyers will also be circulated. We have several partnerships with morning news shows, print publications, social media websites and local blogs. We are committed to making this a successful event for everyone and we urge all of our vendors to spread the word!

Q: When is the deadline to sign-up/purchase my booth?

A: The sign up deadline for all 2019 events is two weeks prior to the event date. Each event will be closed for purchase at midnight 14 days before, so it is up to you to purchase your booth on time.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A: All sales are final. Refunds will not be given. In some extreme or emergency situations we may be able to make an exception, however, these will be handled on a case by case basis.