Refill Madness

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In less than 18 months since opening, Refill Madness is celebrating an impressive milestone: Over 10,000 refills have been completed in their store!

How does one single Midtown retail store prevent tens of thousands of pieces of plastic from entering the waste stream, each taking up to 1,000 years to biodegrade?

It’s delightfully simple: They provide bulk quantities of eco-friendly products for customers to purchase portions of using in their own containers. Not only is less packaging consumed, but the cost is lowered when product packing is not a factor.

Owner Sloane Read stocks the store with name-brand products for the home and personal care. Load up on essentials like laundry & dish detergent, then treat yourself to body scrubs, lip balms and moisturizers. There’s even goat milk dog shampoo and locally-made bath bombs!

When you consider that the average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic each year, it’s easy to see why Sloane is so committed to doing her part to minimize her impact – And providing the opportunity for shoppers to do the same.

Gather up those empty jars & bottles and venture over to 1828 29th Street in Sacramento. Let’s work together to reach that 20,000th refill in no time!

Refill Madness: Open Tuesday through Friday from 10-6 and weekends from 10-3.