Lowenherz Leather

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Perfect example of my constant hustle: I always have several projects going at once, each at different stages. Leather waiting to be tooled, leather waiting to be carved, stencils in the middle of being drawn, a wallet being stitched in the stitching pony... and all of this on the counter of my clothing store, in between customers.

Rachel Figueroa and her mother, Evelyn Kuehn, run a women’s clothing boutique in historic downtown Lincoln that offers both vintage finds and current trends. That’s where you’ll find Rachel meticulously crafting new pieces for Lowenherz Leather, the brand they started in 2015.

Lowenherz Leather offers a gorgeous and ever-growing collection of handbags and accessories, all carefully cut by hand and then individually dyed, tooled, stamped and assembled. The variety is truly impressive; there are oxblood red floral stamped totebags alongside spotted fur-on cowhide over-the-shoulder satchels.

There are even gifts for the guys, with leather flasks, can cozies and custom belts!

Rachel works primarily in cow and pig hides, with accents of suede and metal. As animal hides vary in pigment and markings, each item crafted from them is distinctly unique, ensuring that each item is one of a kind! You don’t have to be a cowgirl to appreciate the craftsmanship and care that go into each piece.

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to providing you with quality and beauty in every piece. Everything we sell is cut, tooled, dyed, and assembled completely by us.

Shop Lowenherz Leather’s beautiful, durable and unique collection at River City Marketplace on Saturday! Until then, find them online and at their very own Bluhen boutique in Lincoln.