Suite Artifacts

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“Your home should rise up to meet you.” Wise words from someone named Oprah. (You may have heard of her.)

With all of the mass production of household goods, it’s easy for homes to start to look the same. Why conform when you can personally select from a beautifully curated collection of vintage and specialty décor?

That’s where Suite Artifacts comes in. Edwin Bragado is the softspoken yet proud owner who is happy to guide you towards finding the perfect conversation pieces to add character to your space.

We are obsessed with the kokedamas, which are Japanese-style hanging plants made from moss & roots wrapped around a ball of soil. Edwin also has a stunning array of terrariums, which are perfectly low-maintenance for busy life.

At our next event on May 5th, stop by the Suite Artifacts booth for a variety of live plants like succulents, air plants, and kokedamas. Along with the live plants, peruse their gorgeous display of vintage and artifacts pieces – Pair them all together to create ambience for your home or office!

For an expanded collection of décor, such as metal & ceramic vases, woodland planters and glass jars, visit Suite Artifacts online anytime!