Noelle Walsh Jewelry

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With a son, 3 cats and a pit bull rescue, Noelle Walsh is “just itching at the chance to support our family and our beliefs by doing something I love.”

Under her popular and eponymous brand, Noelle creates minimalist handmade jewelry for the modern woman. Her cohesive collection is comprised of earrings and necklaces in brass, black, silver and gold formed into beautifully balanced geometric shapes and bold lines. The clean, focused design creates a striking elegance.

On top of being aesthetically gorgeous, this collection of sustainable hypoallergenic jewelry is available at an affordable price point – Especially considering how many pieces are one-of-a-kind!

Our favorite element about Noelle’s brand: Almost all of her earrings are named after the first woman who buys that style! The recently released “Lauren” is a pair of black and brass chandelier earrings “for when badassery is a requirement but you still want to have lightweight earrings.”

Along with amazing current work, Noelle Walsh Jewelry will be showcasing two new lines at our May 5th event -- A limited release of hand-cut, one of a kind pieces and a brand new Summer collection! She also accepts custom requests and wholesale orders.

“Sacramento is a bustling gem of a city, focused on great food, local agriculture, and local artisans. It is thrilling to be in the heart of all of this magic.”