Figs and Feathers Farm

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There is magic in soapmaking--it's the perfect balance between art and chemistry. It allows us to make something beautiful (or on occasion, catastrophic). It can reflect our mood, our style, our passions. It tells a story of creativity and joy. It can be an outlet for sadness, grief, or an aide as we trudge through life's hardships. It is not a simple bar of soap you are buying; it is a piece of someone's heart and soul, perhaps even their livelihood. It really is a wonder.

Self-care is a practice that has exponential benefits. Your body, mind, and spirit all deserve attention to help you be your healthiest and happiest self possible. Choosing all natural, sustainable products is the best gift you can give your skin!

Meghan Wright is an mateur herbalist, aspiring aromatherapist, hobby farmer, and owner of Figs and Feathers Farm. She is inspired by nature’s simplicity and is ambitiously aiming to bring comfort and healing back to the rituals of bathing.

With a gorgeous collection of soaps, salves, balms and soaks, her vision has certainly come to fruition! All Figs and Feathers Farm products are crafted from organic vegetables and herbs, harvested responsibly and sustainably. Plus, they contain no artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives.

It all begins with an inspiring idea, maybe it's a scent wafting through the air on a breezy summer day or perhaps another crafter's amazing work. You decide that today is a soapmaking day.

To achieve end results that are so beautiful and natural, quite a bit of science goes on behind the scenes. Meghan explains that many of her soaps were developed on her own using “tried and true mathematical formulas.” Soapmaking also requires safety equipment, specific pots & pans, molds, scales, oils, and the essential element of time.

Figs and Feathers Farm offers an array of products that make the perfect gift to yourself and others. Want to pamper your bestie for her upcoming wedding? We like the Rose & Clay Bath Soak and perhaps some Tub Tea.  Need a birthday goodie for your husband, but the last thing he needs is another t-shirt? Try The Charcoal Bar or The Oatmeal Bar. Is it time for some personal TLC? Pick up Wildcrafted Self-Heal Salve and Mood Elevator Roll-On Oil, then book a few hours to yourself to just unwind.

These products and more will be available during the first 2017 River City Marketplace event on April 1st at Fremont Park! Compile your shopping list in advance by visiting or connecting with Meghan on Instagram!