Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

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Locally owned by thousands of members of the greater Sacramento community since 1973, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op works for the benefit of the communities it serves, providing a wide selection of quality products and a connection to the people who grow and produce them.

What makes this store so special? The Co-Op’s vibrant produce department has been 100% organic since 2000 and it boasts arguably the best bulk section in town. It doesn’t stop there: They have a full bakery, meat counter and deli, and their Health & Beauty department offers hundreds of products for a variety of skin types and health issues.

While you don’t have to be an owner to shop at the Co-Op, it’s easy and fun to join. Best of all, you’ll feel good sharing in the bounty of a business that will be locally owned forever, a business with integrity that supports the local community and at the same time builds connections with our local growers.

They even host an educational series offering something for everyone - from cooking classes and wellness seminars to gardening workshops and farm to work events - to make connections about important food, health and environmental issues. They even have regular classes for kids and teens!

To show their commitment to community, the Co-Op outreach team participates in dozens of events like farmers markets and health fairs each year and welcomes local school children and groups from around the world.

We can’t wait to visit their brand new 42,000 sq ft location at 28th and R Streets, celebrating its Grand Opening from October 28-30. Follow their progress on the Sac Co-Op website and absolutely gorgeous Instagram feed!