Figs and Feathers Farm

River City Marketplace is made possible with the generous contributions from our brand and community sponsors. Read more about each sponsor's business and pay them a visit at our next event!

Figs and Feathers Farm offers handcrafted, small batch, all natural, and preservative-free bath and body products. Their creations include soaps, balms, and salves contain organic, and high quality ingredients whenever possible. They are especially proud of the wildcrafted products that include locally sourced, wild-harvested botanicals.

Owner Meghan Wright is an mateur herbalist, aspiring aromatherapist and hobby farmer. Her work is inspired by nature’s simplicity and she is ambitiously aiming to bring comfort and healing back to the rituals of bathing. Meghan never uses synthetic ingredients in any of her products; they are artificial colorant, fragrance, and preservative-free! 

One product we can’t wait to give a try is her Mood Elevator Roll-On Oil. This lovely essential oil blend helps elevate your mood and ease stress, with St. John's Wort oil, frankincense, lavender and helichrysum.

Meghan feels there is magic in soapmaking: “It's the perfect balance between art and chemistry. It allows us to make something beautiful (or on occasion, catastrophic). It can reflect our mood, our style, our passions. It tells a story of creativity and joy. It can be an outlet for sadness, grief, or an aide as we trudge through life's hardships. Please know, it is not a simple bar of soap you are buying; it is a piece of someone's heart and soul, perhaps even their livelihood. It really is a wonder.”

Visit Figs and Feathers Farm at the upcoming River City Marketplace to select an all-natural gift for yourself or for a loved one! Until then, connect with Meghan on Facebook and Instagram.