Mini Arch Earrings

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PXC Mini Arch.jpg

Mini Arch Earrings


Brand: PXC Designs

PXC Designs earrings are all handmade, hand-forged and hammered to create different geometric shapes with a minimalist aesthetic.

Materials are all hypoallergenic, including sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire in yellow gold or rose gold for long-lasting color.

These Mini Arch threader earrings measure 0.75” tall and are constructed from 20-gauge wire.

How to wear threader earrings: Pull earring through all the way to the point when it stops or to desired position. Do not pull wire wide apart in opposite directions to apply. The earring should swing back into shape if done correctly. To apply properly, lightly swing the ends like a door wide enough for your earlobe to go through.

All threader earrings come with hypoallergenic rubber earring backs. Slowly inch up to avoid bending the wire.

Care instructions: Clean with a jewelry cloth or other soft cloth and rub lightly.

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